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  • Name : Fernando & Tania Ruiz
    Wasco CA

    Came to the Auto mall looking for a sporty dodge ram that looked aggressive and mean, found my perfect match at Limited Motors. I was looking for low mileage and good price. This was perfect for my needs. Satisfied customer all the way. Thanks to Alex Vargas for his great services and the purchase. - Review October 11, 2015

  • Name : Carlos & Donna
    Bakersfield CA

    My family has purchased 2 cars from limited motors. When it came to me buy a car I knew this place was the right choice. When we got there we were immediately greeted by Ricardo. He was so helpful. We came in with a car in mind. We didn't see it at this location. He helped us locate the car and even went out of his way to come with us and find it. The whole process was so easy. Ricardo was very helpful in getting us what we wanted. We are very content with our purchase. I personally recommend this to anyone. And for our 4th car we will be returning to Family Motors. - Review April 25, 2013

  • Name : Prisma B
    Bakersfield CA

    LOVE IT!! My family and I were looking for a car and when we got to Limited Motors on Union Ave we were greated by Ricardo with a handshake and a huge smile. As a first time buyer I really did not know what to except but he made everything so smooth and easy. They got us a great deal on a 2011 Honda Civic that i love :) I am so glad we came here, Thanks Ricardo for everything!! - Review April 12, 2013

  • Name : Chris M
    Bakersfield CA

    I was looking and shopping everywhere for a car that would suit not only my personal preferences but would fit the needs of my family. I had shopped around all over (at least 6 lots) and when I walked into Limited Motors on South Union Ave. I was greeted by Christian with a friendly and warm smile and a firm handshake. Respectful from the start, he gave me the impression that he would try to cater to our needs as best as he can. After an hour or so, sadly we weren't able to make a deal but it was not from the lack of trying on Christian's part, it was more of my own situation. Well a week later, I came back much more ready and able to make a deal with car in mind, hoping to find one to suit my needs. I was greeted by another salesman but I wanted Christian to be the one to make the deal. After a test drive and looking at a couple cars, we found the one that fit my budget and needs/wants. The price and loan were very reasonable and we made the deal happen all while getting confidence and assurance that Christian was trying to make sure we would be happy and not just being forced into a car just for a sale. To my surprise, we got a call a day later from him to let us know we would be getting a lower rate and payment. If you are looking for a car, start at Limited Motors before anywhere else. They really do have a great selection (we were looking at several cars they had from their 3 lots) with reasonable prices. If you can, choose Christian as your salesman and I can assure you that you won't be disappointed or feel like you've been taken advantage of like some other dealers make you feel. At the risk of sounding like a spokesperson, I really feel like he tries to work to make sure you drive off satisfied. Thank you Christian! - Review April 5, 2013

  • Name : David Reyna
    Bakersfield CA

    It was love at first sight. Thank God my Dad made a U-turn and pulled up to Limited Motors, because there she was...That black 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP. After 2 separate test drive sessions, I knew the search was finally over...Christian Grande was my Sales Professional that made everything happen, the entire experience was outstanding, the service was excellent, and after a complimentary wash and detail and a tank of gas I was cruisin the streets of Bakersfield in my new ride. They informed me of a lower rate a couple days after I drove it home, so the smiles and service just kept coming. I am never wasting my time and gas going to the auto mall dealerships or anywhere else ever again... I've found my Sales Professional for life. If you're searching for your perfect match, hit up Limited Motors on Union & White Lane, check out their inventory, it will change your life...Christian Grande will take care of you, and you'll be smiling in your new ride like me in my GXP... - Review March 29, 2013

  • Name : Jerry M
    Bakersfield CA

    Awesome! I came in just to browse around and look at cars and i ended up buying a car that i become in love with, and to top it all off 3 days after i got the car they called me in to let me know that they had found me better financing now my interest is way lower. These guys are great! - Review March 17, 2013

  • Name : Jason
    Bakersfield CA

    I recently purchased a Ford Transit, and Christian Grande was the sales associate that helped me out, he was very knowledgeable about their inventory and the finance process. I'm very pleased with how everything went. I would definitely recommend Chritsian and Limited Motors to family & friends - Review February 10, 2013

  • Name : Miguel Hernandez
    Bakersfield CA

    Really Great Service. When I first came into limited motors I was greeted by a man named Cristian who gave us many details and was very honest and upfront with the information. He gave us a look through of the car and even let us test drive it, the car was in great shape. Afterwards he sat with me and my aunt and explained to us all of our options as of what we can do for a car payment, everything went smoothly. After I had finished all the paper work he took me to get gas but unfortunately the gas company wasnt excepting any credit or debit at the moment. Later on when I had left i remembered leaving the gas cap still ontop of the trunk but as i was driving away i noticed that it was missing. He went out of his way to go to O'reily Autoparts to get me a new one, i was very greatful. Two days later Cristan calls me and tells me that he had some incredible news. He told me that he got me a better monthly payment for the car and a better interest rate. It was very pleasing to hear such great news. As of today he has not let me down on the questions that i have asked him and the tasks. I highly recomend this car dealership and especially this car dealer. Thank you. - Review February 5, 2013

  • Name : BrendaIrene
    Bakersfield CA

    Great dealership! Luis and Ricardo helped me out. Very nice and helpful. Not pushy like most car salesmen. I had a great experience purchasing my 2007 BMW 328i! Alfonso, the man who helped me finance my car was wonderful, and such a great help! Got me into my car with a great deal and a day later, he got me an even better deal, which lowered my payments! I will defiantly be referring some friends over to limited motors. - Review January 18, 2013

  • Name : Johnny
    Bakersfield CA

    i will like to personally thank this dealer for the expirence i had here. came to the dealer and the salesman gave the best attention of all without trying to see my credit first,like the other places we went to,he told us to choose the vehicle that we liked first,,that was the biggest problem we had beacuse they have alot of inventory to chose from, (very nice inventory by the way) we finally chose the vehicle that we liked, and he started working the payment that we wanted,we connected in the same page and we bought the vehicle (2008 tahoe !!!!!!)im so happy !!!!!!!!to top it off 2 days later he called me to tell me that he got me done with a credit union , and my payment went down $60 i am so happy!!!!!!! THANK YOU ( LIMITED MOTORS)THNK U THNK U THNK U - Review August 22, 2012

  • Name : Satisfied Customer
    Bakersfield CA

    The best dealership in town!!!! After have going to several dealers in the Bakersfield area and I mean several when we went through that door we knew this was it. Me and my husband would like to personally thank Martin. He was with us until the very last moment. When we needed a simple car fix he didn't hesitate to help. The repairs were awesome I went for one thing and they did a complete check up and found one more thing. They didn't let me leave without it being fixed. My car is running great and we love it thank you Limited Motors. - Review on August 20, 2012

  • Name : Vicki
    Goleta CA

    Great experience purchasing our 2008 Escape - would definitely shop here again and refer friends. - Review on August 18, 2012

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